Recovery Massage Chairs

The Recovery Massage Chairs Your Body Needs:

Revolutionary & Relaxing

Our state-of-the-art massage chairs have advanced smart technology that targets specific areas of your body to give the ultimate relaxation and recovery experience. They adjust to each individual by evaluating height and position of the spine to provide a customized massage experience. These chairs revolutionize the art of massage by applying ancient healing practices in a modernized, ultra-comfortable atmosphere.

Our recovery chairs have been developed by a team of highly-trained medical professionals, massage therapists, designers, and engineers to deliver the ultimate relaxation and recovery experience to our guests. This ensures the highest standards of care, quality, and massage techniques.

How our recovery massage chairs give you what you need:

From the moment you sit down in our oversized chairs, you will feel relaxation sink in as your body melts into the comfort of the seat. The chair will use its innovative 3-D sensor to scan the curvature of your back and width of your shoulders. After the scan, the chair will adjust to provide you with a customized experience tailored to your specific needs.

Similar to a massage from the hands of a trained professional, our chairs use a kneading process that involves the press and release of individual muscles. This process focuses on relieving tension and stiffness, which stimulates relaxation and recovery. Kneading processes also focus on blood circulation by using repeated compressions in push and pull movements and other shiatsu techniques.

Give everyone a kneaded escape with our recovery massage chairs at your next event!

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